Dance Academy

Children Dance Class

Technique Training

This class emphasises children’s technical ability such as posture, flexibility, strength and coordination. It also helps children to learn about focus, concentration, good body posture, music rhythms and to discover their potential in dance.

Chinese Folk Dance Syllabus

Chinese Folk Dance Syllabus is the most well-accepted Chinese dance training system for children, which is studied by tens of thousands of students in China and worldwide including Europe, America, New Zealand and Canada.

Students studying Level 1-12 will learn fifty-six ethnic folk dances and will receive an examination by a certified examiner each year.


Every academic year, we will teach one dance piece focusing on supporting and improving the physical confidence, psychological wellbeing and mental dexterity of each student.

All students of a minimum required ability will have the opportunity to perform at our annual showcase.

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Adult Dance Class


Through Ballet we help bring grace and elegance in our students lives as well as all-round fitness.

Combined with Chinese dance techniques and static-dynamic movements we maximize body toning, increasing body strength and flexibility.

Body Rhythm Training

Body rhythm is the core technique of Chinese classical dance as well as the being a basic element for Tai Chi, Chinese opera and Kongfu.

The systematic study of Body rhythm will help to improve your physical ability, musical rhythm and ability to express your inner beauty.


We will teach different dance pieces each academic year, such as long-sleeve dance, drum dance, fan dance and ribbon dance etc.

Students will improve their sense of dance, emotional expression and enrich their inner world.

Everyone also has the option to perform at our annual showcase if they so choose.

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