2021 Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Join us at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and get ready to be blown away!

Free ticketed show. Booking* available now. 


We have been active at Fringe Festival over the years, and this year, UKCPA will present to you a grand show ‘’East Meets West’’ that is truly one of a kind – a fusion of Chinese and Western culture. The whole performance consists of three chapters: The Beauty of Dynasty – Chinese ethnic and folk dances; The Beauty of Tradition – classical Chinese dance; The Beauty of Modern Times – Contemporary & other dances. 

One of the things you will find magnificent is how we cleverly filmed the show and how western architecture, street views and historical sites were selected as our Chinese dance background to create a visual effect. It beautifully proves to the world that we can further promote cultural exchanges between China and Britain and truly realise that art knows no borders.

What’s also worth looking forward to is that international dance lovers from Argentina, France and other places present their own Chinese dance performances in our show.


Edinburgh Fringe Society

China National Tourist London Office

London Chinatown Chinese Association

UK-China Economics and Cultural Promotion Association

UK China Culture & Art Exchange association

UK Beijing Arts Centre

Eastern Blossoms