Dance Academy

Adult Dance Classes

Chinese dance

Chinese dance technique combined with classical ballet, to increase body strength and flexibility.

Body rhythm is the core technique where you will learn how to control your muscles through breathing and Tai Chi elements.

You also will learn a traditional folk dance, improving your emotional expression and connection with traditional Chinese culture.

Jazz Dance

Jazz creatively embodies the basic element of ballet and modern dance, and emphasises the emotional expression through body movements.

You will learn the basic elements such as steps and wave, discover the body and increase creativity. Then you will be placed into choreography that can be sued in class routines, performance opportunities.

Hip-hop dance

Hip-hop demonstrates a sense of power and passion. 

The basic element training includes the isolation of various parts of the body such as the head, chest, hips, and knees, practising coordination and body controls.

The cohesive choreography is fun with high-intensity, high-energy music.

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Children Dance Class


Our Classical Ballet Classes follow the ISTD syllabus with Chinese dance techniques. It emphasises children’s technical ability such as posture, flexibility and coordination. It also helps children to learn about focus, concentration, good body posture, music rhythms as well as develop intellectual sensibilities.

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Chinese Folk Dance Syllabus

Chinese Folk Dance Syllabus is the most well-accepted Chinese dance training system for children, which is studied by tens of thousands of students in China and worldwide including Europe, America, New Zealand and Canada.

Students studying Level 1-12 will learn fifty-six ethnic folk dances and will receive an examination by a certified examiner each year.

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Every academic year, we will teach one dance piece focusing on supporting and improving the physical confidence, psychological wellbeing and mental dexterity of each student.

All students of a minimum required ability will have the opportunity to perform at our annual showcase.

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Teacher demonstrating Chinese Folk drum dance with short sleeves

Private Classes

For groups of 1-3 people

If you are looking for a private, safe, welcoming, and supportive dance training environment, UKCPA should be your best choice! We provide private classes in many different dance styles: Traditional Chinese dance, Chinese Folk dance, jazz, hip-hop,  Latin and ballroom dance. 

Private dance classes are the most flexible way of learning and offer the quickest route to achieving your dancing goals. 

You can choose to learn your favourite dance pieces. Our highly-qualified teachers will carefully make individualised learning plan depending on your physical condition and needs.

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